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After all the fun and the breathtaking moments of a wedding celebration, you deserve a moment for yourself and for your very personal celebration, together with the most important person of your life.

Wedding Night Suites - The Perfect End to the Perfect Day ...

Choose to spend the first wedding night as husband and wife in a suite of your choice and enjoy the romantic moments of life

Standard wedding night suite
Standard Suite

Alluring and comfortable, these suites make you feel special, joyous and give you an unforgettable most romantic experience - a perfect choice for your First Wedding Night.

Premium wedding night suite
Premium Suite

Pamper yourself and enjoy a romantic evening in one of the spacious, well-appointed Premium Suites. Experience the pleasure of togetherness in the most romantic of atmospheres.

Luxury wedding night suite
Luxury Suite

Experience everything you dreamt of for your First Wedding Night: grandeur, pampering and ample solitude - The best way to start your journey towards marital bliss.